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   March 8, 2017   

   Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

    This spring, we will be administering several assessments to our students, as mandated by the Ohio Department of Education.  All juniors will take the SAT on Wednesday, April 5.  In addition to the SAT, students in specific classes must take an EOC (End of Course) assessment.  Any student currently enrolled in the following courses will be given an End Of Course exam for that class: English 9, English 10, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, American History & Government.

     End of Course exams are a change in state requirements for high school graduation.  Instead of the old OGT, five sections all given to students in the spring of tenth grade, students must now take an End of Course exam in seven required courses.  In order to be eligible for a high school diploma, a student must accumulate a total of 18 graduation points from all seven (7) EOC assessments.  A student will score anywhere from a one (1) through a five (5) (with 5 being the best) on each EOC assessment.  Therefore the EOC assessments are a significant achievement in each student’s quest for a high school diploma.  Please ensure that your student gets plenty of rest, eats a healthy breakfast, and attends school on his or her scheduled test days.

      In order to provide the best environment for the students who are required to take these tests, we will modify several school days to optimize the testing environment.  On April 5, students not taking the SAT (seniors, sophomores & freshmen), will be asked to arrive to school by noon (the cafeteria will be open to all students between 11 & 12 for those wishing to eat lunch in school).  If your student has no other means of transportation, they may still ride the school bus in the morning that day.  Upon arriving at school, we will supervise those students in such a way that they do not interfere with the testing environment.  Students taking the SAT will be permitted to eat lunch upon the completion of their test.  Once they have eaten, they will commence with their school day. 

      For some of the End Of Course exams (all but Biology), we will have a delayed start, with non-testing students arriving by 9:15.  Again, transportation & supervision will be provided for any student unable to arrive late.  Test takers will take part one of the End Of Course exam the first day and the part two on the second day.  Each test section is a 90 minute exam.    Upon completion of the testing procedure, all students will attend class in accordance with an abbreviated class schedule (see Building Forms menu for AIR Test Bell Schedule).

      While we cannot control the number of assessments required by the Ohio Department of Education, we continue to search, collaborate, and problem-solve for the best possible exam schedule for students. Students’ academic, intellectual and emotional development remains our top priority. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work together for the benefit of our students.

    If you have any questions, please call me, (330) 626 – 4902 ext. 6800 or email at  


     James Hogue, Principal



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