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Food Service Department
Meet our staff:
Supervisor Darlene Wheeler manages the Food Service Dept., including 20 ladies;
The High School director is Melany Brunn  with staff members Terry Scharton, Pat North, Dianne Whitelock,  and Sharon Fisher.
The Middle School’s director is Lisa Welch with staff members Christine Milliken and Lisa Robinette and Rebecca Basar.
Henry Defer School’s director is Eileen Simmons, with staff members Bridgette Teese, Fran Motz, Petrina Twigger and Michelle Brewster.
Campus’s director is Beth MacDowell, with staff members Sherry Moore and Rebecca Schuller.
Wait’s director is Joyce Silhavy with staff member Sondra Keener.
Amy Rohaley is the department interim secretary.
Our department averages 14,000 lunches a month and 4,600 breakfasts a month. Our schools each have Point of Sales system.  Our many “Thanks to the parents for your cooperation and patience while getting the school year opened in each building.” You can add money to your child’s account from your home or office by using the MealPayPlus site. Information is included on the Rocket’s Home Page.  Our menu’s for each building are on the Rocket’s Home Page. 
Our goal is to provide healthy meals with choices that your child will eat.